Monday, May 19, 2008

What you're like this week

Hello my darling bubbah boy.

You're doing much better with our new schedule... watching the twins on Tusday and Thursday, and CJ and Tatum on the other days.

I don't know who you like better.
At the twins house they have tons of toys you like to play with, but almost every time you start having fun with one, one of the boys comes and rips it out of your hands. Don't worry though, you're not a wimp. You stand your ground. I often have to separate the scuffles, and you've started sitting in time out when you're the instigator. You're so pitiful, you lay down in the corner and sob like the world is over. As soon as I say "Brady, you may get out of time out now, please apologize to your friend for taking his toy," you run up to the closest twin and smile and lay your head on his shoulder, so gentle and sweet.
They have a kitty, and you sure love that kitty! Every time he comes into your sight you squeal like a schoolgirl and try to chase the poor thing. You're just so excited! And when he lays down and takes your abuse, I have to tell you "gentle!|" and then you lay your head on the kitty and snuggle him, just like you do the boys.

At CJ and Tatum's, you love to ride on their bicycles. You also love their little tykes cop car and their little hot dog dog, Sandy. You try to ride him like a horsey!

You've been a picky eater lately - you love chicken nuggets and fruits, but not much else. Although you've learned to like peanut butter and jelly, even if you peel open the sandwich and scoop out the fillings to lick off your fingers.

You love it when I read books to you, and will sit patiently for almost an hour, pointing at objects and having me name them. You say: Connor, mama, dada, juice, car, ball, shoes on a regular basis, and have repeated a couple doozies once - like turtle!

You love to leave the house- you can put your little imitation croc sandals on, all by your self. You mostly even get them on the right feet! And when I say, "wrong feet, silly" you swap them right back.

Right now you're recovering from an unknown virus. Your fever was 104.4, and I took you to the emergency room. You were such a good boy - really well behaved. They even had to try your IV 3 times. You cried, but recovered quickly. They couldn't find any infection or other signs of ear troubles or teeth troubles, so they sent us home, and told us to keep you on tylenol and ibuprofen to keep the fever down.

You're my strong and gentle little man, and I love you so so much. Every breath I take is for you.

Love, Mama